About us

The South Providence Library is located at 441 Prairie Avenue in Providence, RI.

This page is a forum for those who are Friends of the South Providence Library.  The group is open to all.  If you’d like to help improve library services, advocate for the library, or support the library in any way please join.  Even if you just have thoughts about the library or are a regular patron, get involved.  This page is intended as a resource.  Please feel free to leave comments.  If you have anything to add or suggestions to make please email the administrator, Brendan Ryan (brendan_ryan@riseup.net).

The entrance to the library.

The entrance to the library.

*This page is developed and maintained by Brendan Ryan. It is not a product of the Providence Public Libraries, the staff of the South Providence Library, or any other group.*



  1. Trying to sign up for the friends group. Is this all I have to do?


    • This is a great start. I met w/ SIster Ann today and we planned to have a meeting of interested parties at the library on 3.24 at 5:30. I’m going to make arrangements at SPL tomorrow, so I’ll keep you posted. I’ll send an update email to you and others tomorrow. Thanks

  2. The Smith Hill Library Friend’s Group says hello! We have a link to the Library branch page as well as the Friend’s page, if you would like to include in your sidebar navigation menu. It is http://www.smithhillcdc.org/sh-library
    Thanks and we hope to hear good news soon from the mayor’s office.

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